Since 1924, Fiddler’s Grove has enjoyed a long tradition of preserving old time and bluegrass music, and passing the legacy on to future generations.

A Family Festival preserving traditional American music & values.

Focused on preserving the Heritage of Traditional American Music as it has been handed down through each generation.

The beginning of this preservation was Started in 1924 by the current director’s father, H. P. Van Hoy, a teacher and fiddler, as the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention. This convention was held every year until 1969 at the Union Grove School.

The Ole Time Fiddler’s & Bluegrass Festival was Founded in 1970 by Harper A. Van Hoy, also a fiddler, to continue the preservation of traditional old time and bluegrass music in a family atmosphere. The combined performances of the two generations extends from 1924 to the present day in this festival held annually on Memorial Day weekend at Fiddler’s Grove Campground in Union Grove, North Carolina.

Oldest Continuous Run Festival of its type in North America (Source: National Geographic Society representative)

Selected as a Local Legacy for the “Library of Congress Bicentennial Celebration 2000″

PBS aired documentary “Fiddlers Grove — A Celebration of Old Time Music” on stations across the US.

The US Information Agency identified the “Fiddlers Grove …” documentary as ideal to beam across the world as a program that presents the American experience in a positive way.

The Archives Building in its final development will include the history of the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention (1924-1969) and its founder H.P. Van Hoy with the continued history of Fiddler’s Grove’s Ole Time Fiddler’s & Bluegrass Festival by Harper A. Van Hoy from 1970 to the present. It will contain all audio recordings from 1970 on.

North Carolina Arts Council selection for inclusion in the Blue Ridge Music Trails project.