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Interesting Experiences of Enjoying the Festival in Fiddler’s Grove

Interesting Experiences of Enjoying the Festival in Fiddler’s Grove – Fiddler’s Grove becomes one of the interesting places to find in Tennessee. This is a historical village that has been preserved until now. It is located in Lebanon, Tennessee and it has its own charm compared to other historical village. The area of the village is quite vast and it is interesting spot to find in Wilson County. There are buildings and even artifacts that can be found in areas of Fiddler’s Grove. Histories and stories of the past become something interesting to find all around the village. The current villages are constructed and built to remember the past and some of them are replicas. Even if these are no longer real building of the moment in the establishment of Fiddler’s Grove, the feelings and experiences are still very special.

There are cabins and other building. As for the origins of the name for this village, it comes from a nice story. Fiddler’s Grove became place of an interesting man called Edward Jacobs. It is said that the name of the Fiddler’s Grove was inspired by him although his name was not mentioned in the village itself. Edward Jacobs usually sat in front of the his cabin. He did something interesting and it was to play his fiddle. Fiddle is type of musical instruments and it looks like the violin nowadays. He often played his fiddle in the same spot every day and people loved to watch and listen to his fiddle play. This became something iconic in the village at that time, so the name of the village was known as Fiddler’s Grove. Although it did not use the name Edward Jacobs, but it contains what he did in the past that made the villagers impressed.

Of course, interesting things about the Fiddler’s Grove is not only about the building and stories in the past left by the people in the village. However, the name of Fiddler’s Grove itself is more than just a name for certain historical village. Nowadays, it is also known as the name of music festival and it even becomes one of the oldest music festivals in Tennessee until now. The first music festival was held in 1924 and it was during the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention and the event ran regularly until 1969. After that year, the music festival was continued by son of the founder. Fortunately, he was also fiddle player or fiddler and he could continue the great event until now. The took over the convention and he made the music festival known as the Ole Time Fiddlers’ and Bluegrass Festival. Fiddler’s Grove is a nice historical village and its history is like being brought to live every year by holding the event of music festival. People come to the festival as they enjoy the view and vibes offered by Fiddler’s Grove.

The historical village of Fiddler’s Grove is maintained properly. Buildings are preserved well and its environment is also maintained properly. Thus, when the music festival happens in the Fiddler’s Grove, people still can feel the historical vibe in Fiddler’s Grove and they can enjoy the nice nature with the big trees around the village. In addition to the music festival, there are other activities to do. Thus, this is more than just music festival but it is more like complete fare of events. People can see many vendors and tents selling many stuff and merchandises. In addition to the merchandises, there are food, crafts, and even musical instruments. Because it is festival about music, it is not just about performance. However, it is also part of competitions and there are many of them. People can join competition of playing guitar, banjo, and even the old-time fiddle and variation of bluegrass fiddle. Most of the instruments are classical instruments so it is like bringing back the memories and livelihood of Fiddler’s Grove in the past.

Festivals, competitions, and vendors are great things to enjoy. However, some people come to Fiddler’s Grove for recreation and they can enjoy it in the campground. The Fiddler’s Grove provides nice campground. Those who do not want to see the musical performances directly can enjoy the sounds of music form the camp and it is more than enough to enjoy the moment. The whole performance is like nonstop because there are many performances and the good news is that it is not like modern band performance with beats and other kinds of sound effect. These are like music of the past so the vibe is totally different. All things related to music are to bring back what happened in Fiddler’s Grove just like how people of the village enjoyed fiddle play of Edward Jacobs. There is nothing bad to see and all of them can become interesting experiences. The whole atmosphere will make people forget about modern music and they will love something more beautiful and fascinating from bluegrass music, fiddle, and other instruments.